Boss Key Productions LawBreakers just came out earlier this week but ready for the weekend the full soundtrack featuring not only one but multiple of our favourite video game composers: Mick Gordon (DOOM), Tom Salta (Killer Instinct: Season 3) Jason Graves (Dead Space), Jack Wall (Mass Effect), Malcom Kirby Jr. (Saints Row: The Third), Jaroslav Beck (StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [Intro Cinematic]) and Dieselboy & Mark The Beast.

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Just like the Launch trailer (watch below) the entire soundtrack is a lot of fun to listen to and pumps you up for the coming days within seconds. It’s likely thanks to the pretty big team of incredibly talented composers, the album never gets boring while blasting your ears away.

LAWBREAKERS Launch Trailer | Skilled AF

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Listen to LawBreaker’s complete soundtrack below:

And if you like what you hear you can purchase all tracks below:

Full album

1. Faust by Mick Gordon
2. Maverick by Tom Salta
3. Shura Theme by Jason Graves
4. Deadlock by Malcom Kirby Jr.
5. Abaddon by Dieselboy & Mark The Beast
6. Axel by Jack Wall
7. Cronos by Malcolm Kirby Jr.
8. Kitsune by Jason Graves
9. LB Match Intro by Jaroslav Beck
10. Toksa-9 by Mick Gordon
11. Lifers Theme by Mick Gordon
12. Hellion by Tom Salta
13. T.A.S.C Theme by Jack Wall
14. Sunshine by Dieselboy & Mark The Beast
15. Lifer Rock by Malcolm Kirby Jr.
16. Kintaro Remix by Jason Graves & Jaroslav Beck
17. Valkyrie Theme by Tom Salta
18. Lifer Titan by Malcolm Kirby Jr.
19. Bomchelle by Jack Well
20. LB Match Charge by Jaroslav Beck

You can watch 19 minutes of Lawbreakers Gameplay below:

19 Minutes of Lawbreakers Gameplay

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