A new League of Legends champion has risen, Ornn. His official announcement teaser features the song The Path To Hearth Home with lyrics written entirely in Ancient Frejlordian. Throughout the songs progression it explains how one can find the mythological, Ornn. An English translation of the lyrics is presented throughout the teaser on a parchment scroll.

The music was written by composer Kyle ‘Kole’ Hicks, composer at Riot Games, and features the lead vocal performance by Christine Hals who was already responsible for Nordic vocal parts in Disney’s Frozen. Involved in the creation of the song were also Sound Designer Bryan Higa, Matthew Garcia-Dunn, writer at Riot Games and who’s writing inspired the song, Laurie Goulding, who translated the lyrics, Sean Balas as Sound Mixer, co-composer Sebastien Najand, Edouard Brenneisen who mastered the track, contractor Noah Gladstone who booked the Eastwood Scoring Stage for the recording session, bodhran player Aaron Craft, fiddle player Paul Jacob Cartwrigh, Adam Michalak who supervised the recording session, Thanh Tran who prepared the score, Music Director Jason Hayes, and Erika Mariko Olsen, producer at Riot Games.

Ornn Teaser | New Champion

Below you can see vocalist Christine Hals and composer Kole Hicks during their recording session at the Eastwood Scoring Stage last week:

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