Project Cars 2 is the highly anticipated successor to the #1 Esports Racing game celebrated for its focus on authenticity in particular. To be published by Bandai Namco Entertainment on September 22nd, the racing simulation again features a score composed by Stephen Baysted.

In the 8 minutes long Behind-the-scenes video below, Stephen Baysted allows us a glimpse into his workflow during the four months of scoring Slightly Mad Studios’ Project Cars 2. He speaks about how the main goal of the music was to try to get into the head of the racing drivers. He points out in particular how the score tries to make an emotional connection with the adrenalin rush experienced by the drivers every time they get into their car and on the racing course: “It swings from aggression and determination and a real sense of inner determination to those moments where the drivers are literally living on the edge. Everything is extinctive.”

Apart from that, you get to experience a fair share of snippets from the recording sessions at Air Studios, London.

Project Cars 2 BTS Soundtrack Recording Sessions

Stephen Baysted was not only the composer on Project Cars 2 but also the Audio Director and hence responsible for all the sounds in the game including the car and menu sounds as well as everything you hear in the official trailers like the recent E3 Sizzle Trailer below:

Project CARS 2 – E3 Sizzle Trailer (4K)

Apart from the soundtrack previews in the Behind-the-scenes video no official soundtrack previews are available for Project Cars 2 at this point. But you can ease the wait by (re-)listening to two powerful tracks from Stephen Baysted’s first score for Project Cars below:

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