Supervising Sound Editor and Sound Designer Bill Dean shares some insights about the sound in Annabelle: Creation in a recent video by Technicolor. He mentions how director David F. Sandberg (Lights Out) “has a great visual eye, but he also has a terrific sense for not only music, but sound design as well. He has a very clear idea when he starts out about what he wants to hear.” He then points out how in the “immersive mix, we were able to move things up into the ceiling and then move them even more around the room with more precision. David was really excited about that as well because now we could put things about Janice in the barn. We can move things specifically not just from the side, we can move it all the way around to get it right behind an audience member.”

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A really cool anecdote he then tells is about how he changed the sounds of light bulb rattles by using power amplifiers for speakers and then using synthesizers to send sounds directly to the filament of the lightbulps. All to create a “spirit manifestation in electricity”.

Technicolor’s William R. Dean on the Sound of Annabelle: Creation

You can read more about the creation of the sound for Annabelle: Creation in an excellent in-depth-interview on

If you would like to hear more about director David F. Sandberg, in the same interview series David speaks about how Hollywood studios started calling right after Lights Out (watch here) – which was still a short film back then – went viral. Apart from that he mentions how “ruining people’s lives” is “the ultimate success” as a horror film maker:

Storyteller Series: David F. Sandberg (director, Annabelle: Creation)

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