Over the past days, Tom Holkenborg / Junkie XL has published a series of videos where he takes you behind the scenes of the creation of his score for The Dark Tower. Every episode is half an hour to almost an hour long, so there’s lots of information about his creative process to find in every episode.

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While he speaks about the film’s main theme in the first episode. He then speaks about the action cue “The Wooden Guard” walking you through the midi cue and then jumping to the live recorded cue. In the third episode jumps with you into the cue 3M25 which is not the official title of the cue to avoid spoilers but accompanies one of the most important scenes in the movie. He then ends the little video series with a cue called 5M46, again not the official title because of spoilers, where he also shows you the actual scores of the live recordings.

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