Month: September 2017

Teen Wolf soundtrack and score out now

Sony Classical proudly announces the release of two albums celebrating the MTV original series Teen Wolf. The Teen Wolf – Original Television Soundtrack features beloved indie rock and electronica songs used...

/ 15th September 2017

Jesper Kyd’s soundtrack for Robinson: The Journey to be released on vinyl

Black Screen Records announced they will be releasing the soundtrack to Crytek‘s newest VR game Robinson: The Journey by BAFTA award-winning and Billboard / MTV VMA nominated composer Jesper Kyd...

/ 14th September 2017

The Best Percussion Libraries for Trailer Music

I’ve seen questions about percussion come up time after time on various forums and Facebook group pages. “What is the best percussion library to use for epic drums?” or, “What...

/ 13th September 2017

Second wave of Nominees for the 17th World Soundtrack Awards announced

After announcing the nominees for Best Composer, Score and Song, the World Soundtrack Academy now released the second wave of nominees for Best Original Score for a Belgian Production, Discovery of the Year,...

/ 13th September 2017

Jesper Kyd’s Warhammer: The End of Times – Vermintide soundtrack to be released

Today, Sumthing Else Music Works announced that BAFTA award-winning Danish composer Jesper Kyd’s dark and twisted acoustic soundtrack for the first person melee/shooter Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide, based...

/ 13th September 2017

New 2-CD set of Miklós Rózsa’s Ben-Hur film score to be released

Tadlow Music is proud to announce the release of the classic film music event of the decade – a special collector’s edition 2-CD set of one of the greatest film...

/ 12th September 2017

Trailer Music Placements August 2017 incl. Destiny 2, Molly’s Game

After the relaunch of our site, we’re now also back with our monthly overview of music used in promotional campaigns for films, games and tv series. If you can’t find...

/ 11th September 2017

Bryan Nguyen on scoring a TV Spot for The Mountain Between Us

With dozens of TV Spots released for every major Hollywood blockbuster, scoring those isn’t an easy task when each of them has to stand out in a particular way. For...

/ 11th September 2017

Darren Aronofsky’s usage of sound design in Pi, Black Swan, mother!

In an academic video essay on the sound design of Pi (1998) and Black Swan (2010), Daniel Crowley analyses Daran Aronofsky’s usage of sound design which he uses to let us connect...

/ 7th September 2017

Wlad Marhulets’ horror video game DARQ to be released in early 2018

Award-winning composer Wlad Marhulets will score much-anticipated horror video game DARQ – a project started by the composer himself. Just as his score for Bob Shaye’s Ambition, Marhulets will record the score...

/ 6th September 2017

How AI, AR, and MR will form the future of 21st-century music

Yesterday, the video might have killed the radio star; but tomorrow, the UX will kill the video star.

/ 5th September 2017

Annabelle: Creation by Benjamin Wallfisch (Soundtrack Review)

(Note: The following soundtrack review is based on listening experience alone and not on how the music works to picture.) People love to get scared in the cinema. Studios love...

/ 4th September 2017