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7DAYSMUSIC: Introducing a new hybrid company from Singapore

This week I’d like to present you the company 7DAYSMUSIC, which is a project of two guys from Singapore. Iliya Zaki is specialized in epic orchestral tracks for movies, games and...

/ 3rd May 2013

Epic track by Chris Haigh: Ascend to Power

Listen to this new epic track by Chris Haigh. He composes trailer music for movies and TV Shows, like Top Gear.So this song was used in the ‘IN TIME’ trailer...

/ 19th September 2012

James Newton Howard – London (Blood Diamond)

So here is another of my all-time favorites from James Newton Howard. In 2006 he composed the soundtrack for Blood Diamond. ‘London’ is my favorite song on the album, played...

/ 9th September 2012