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Based in Berlin. Founder and composer at Dreammaker Music. Right hand at Composers for Relief.

Iliya Zaki releases Rise of Fire

For those who haven’t heard of Iliya Zacki already, he is a young and very talented composer from Singapore. He has already worked together with companies like Really Slow Motion...

/ 7th June 2015

ELIXIR: Hendric Bünck scored inspiring Short Film by Leo Zuckerman

Yesterday we had the chance to talk briefly to the young and talented composer Hendric Bünck about the new very inspiring short film he scored. Read here what he told...

/ 24th May 2015

Good Read: Inside the Fury Road soundtrack: How Junkie XL scored the madness of Mad Max

Have you already seen “Mad Max: Fury Road”? This interview with Junkie XL​ gives you an idea about what it is like to work together with George Miller​, and how...

/ 24th May 2015

Two Steps From Hell: Recording session for “Classics Vol. 2”

Just a few months after Two Steps From Hell’s new release called “Battlecry“, they are announcing the follow-up to their first Best Of album, called “Classics Vol. 2”. The video showcases the...

/ 24th May 2015

The Little Pince Trailer #2 features “Rat Race” by audiomachine

The story of “The Little Prince” comes to life with this energetic audiomachine track, called “Rat Race”, which can be found on “The Platinum Series IV” industry release.

/ 25th April 2015

Brian Tyler about writing with an orchestra

Brian Tyler is talking about the progress on writing for an orchestra with “SCORE: A Film Music Documentary” in a new video! Some really useful tips he is giving away...

/ 25th April 2015

Les Bosquets teaser featuring music by Woodkid and Hans Zimmer

If you have not already heard the snippet of the soundtrack composed by Woodkid, which is conducted and arranged by the legendary Hans Zimmer, then you should definitely check it...

/ 19th April 2015

Behind the Scenes of Two Steps From Hell’s “Freedom Ship”

The release of Two Steps From Hells new much-anticipated album called Battlecry is only 10 days away! If you will preorder Battlecry on iTunes you can already download the tracks “Victory”,...

/ 18th April 2015

Christian Baczyk releases uplifting new track “Odysseia”

Let us begin this weekend with a new uplifting spacey track composed by Christian Baczyk! For those people who don’t know him, he is a 222-year-old composer from Germany, who...

/ 18th April 2015

Golden Trailer Awards Nominees announced

The nominees for the 16th annual Golden Trailer Awards, which honor the year’s best achievements in motion picture and television marketing, have been announced! The event will take place on...

/ 11th April 2015

Felicia Farerre about Two Steps From Hell’s “Battlecry”

As you all know Two Steps From Hell will release their new album called “BattleCry” on April 28! This time it is the first collaboration between Felicia Farerre and the...

/ 11th April 2015

Teaser Trailer for Sub Pub Music’s hybrid orchestral album “Equilibrium” released

Have a look at this new teaser trailer created by Rain Ventsel for Sub Pub Music’s new release called Equilibrium! Equilibrium is a collection of aggressive and destructive hybrid orchestral...

/ 4th April 2015