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Pop Songs Made Epic – Interview with Composer Walt Ribeiro, Creator of

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing composer Walt Ribeiro, author of the website Walt got the idea of making his own orchestral arrangements inspired by famous pop-songs and...

/ 5th July 2014

Composer Kristin Burdal: Through Marshlands and Gear Cities

Some people enjoy composing music as a personal hobby, but others carry with them the dream of composing in the big leagues. Norwegian composer Kristin Burdal is one of the...

/ 5th March 2014

New Talent on Youtube: Interview with Musician and Composer Jonathan Russell aka JDRcomposer

With the rise of the internet, trailer music composers and companies like Audiomachine and Two Steps From Hell are able to gain recognition like never before. Sharing and enjoying music,...

/ 22nd October 2013