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Composer and Songwriter for TV, Film, Games & Concert Music. Credits include Cold Case, Star Wars Detours and the Hunger Games: Catching Fire OST with Lorde’s cover version of “Everybody Wants to Rule The World”.


Stopping Bullets: Accomplishing the Impossible

My wife, Mirette, and I re-watched The Matrix recently after not seeing it for many years. I’m glad to say the film mostly holds up well, especially the outstanding score...

/ 30th October 2016

Rhymes and The Greatest F You Song Ever Written

Most people know me as a film and television composer, but I started out as a songwriter. In fact, a jingle I wrote (with Ken Shuldman), the Kit Kat Gimme...

/ 23rd May 2016

Hans Zimmer’s Journey to the Line: Asymmetry and The Forbidden Cue

In pop music, most phrases come in groups of 2 or 4 which, in turn, are 4 or 8 bars in length. The utter predictability of this often lends a...

/ 16th April 2016

What is Perfect Pitch anyway?

Perfect pitch is a term used by non-musicians to mean “pretty good ability to stay in tune.” As in, “You should hear my daughter sing – she has perfect pitch!”...

/ 17th November 2015

The 5 best ways to get and keep a job as a Hollywood Composer Assistant (or anything else)

Over the years, I have hired several dozen full-time employees and hundreds of musicians, singers, engineers, and other session personnel. Here is a list of principles to consider when job-seeking...

/ 20th October 2013

Fear, Failure…and The Twilight Zone

Last year I did some leadership training. One night we were asked, “What would you do if failure were not an option?” The exercise is designed to heighten our awareness...

/ 21st July 2013

Why Hans Zimmer Got The Job You Wanted (And You Didn’t)

I worked for Hans Zimmer for about 8 years, 5 of which were in a studio at Remote Control, his facility in Santa Monica. Since leaving Remote, many people have...

/ 12th July 2013