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Mexican/Canadian film composer and film music critic working out of Vancouver, BC. Writes short album reviews he shares on his Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Short Review: San Andreas by Andrew Lockington

Highs: Solid action fare due to tight orchestration Lows: Electronic element does not add anything to the score. While the main theme is serviceable enough, it is not present enough...

/ 2nd June 2015

Short Review: “Mad Max: Fury Road” by Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL

Highs: Junkie XL uses drums as his main ingredient and ends up working for the post apocalyptic scenery and relentless action sequences. The softer, more operatic ballad string writing is a...

/ 24th May 2015

Short Review: “Avengers: Age of Ultron” by Brian Tyler and Danny Elfman

Highs: The score works well in the film matching the frenetic pace and constant action/ Strong action material – mainly thanks to Tyler / Elfman’s clever use of Silvestri’s “Avengers”...

/ 2nd May 2015

Review: Alexandre Guiraud’s hybrid trailer music album “Rise”

“Rise” by Alexandre Guiraud is touted as an epic and aggressive orchestral/rock hybrid album that is comprised of driving guitars, triumphant choral arrangements and “glitch” synth programming.  The album contains tracks...

/ 20th September 2014

Review of switch.’s epic fantasy trailer music album “Supernatural”

In the world of “Epic Trailer Music” writing, it has now become increasingly difficult to differentiate one’s sound from another through the regular use of ostinatos, big percussion hits and...

/ 7th August 2014