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LoL S3 World Finals: Riot never disappoints in opening ceremonies

This morning at 5am CEST the Season 3 League of Legends Finals kicked of. Over 1 million people in Europe and North America  (even more uncounted people were watching it...

/ 5th October 2013

A Twist of Fate: League of Legends reveals new cinematic trailer

After launching the best paid pro series with an extrordinary live cover, with two season splits (spring and summer), Riot Games, the publisher revealed at the all-star split in Shanghai...

/ 28th May 2013

“No borderlines” by Michael Maas with beautiful impressions from Eastern Greenland

We have another track by Michael Maas for you today. It was used by Ruedi Abbühl, who is well known for his beautiful nature movies. Just check it out –...

/ 16th March 2013

Gustavo Santaolalla performs ‘Brokeback Mountain’ medley live

This live recorded medley from the Academy Award-winning soundtrack for Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain score is simply breathtaking – with composer Gustavo Santaolalla on the guitar. It’s simply beautiful, so...

/ 13th March 2013

Introducing James Elsey – The Times (Orchestral/Dubstep)

I like dubstep, I like epic music – James Elsey is doing both in one but there is even more. A couple of days ago he asked us to share...

/ 5th March 2013

Thresh: New League of Legends champion and track revealed

Since a couple of weeks League of Legends new champ Thresh is out and with him a completely new track. Just check it out, it’s a bit… strange, but I...

/ 25th February 2013

Michael Maas’ amazing “Morpheus and the Dream” feat. Felicia Farerre

I listened to this track by Michael Maas an Felicia Farerre a few times, before I posted it and I must say, I’m stunned. There are two parts. The first...

/ 9th February 2013

League of Legends’ latest championess Vi gets her own rock song!

Since a couple of days is League of Legends latest championess Vi is out. And this time the company is going a complete new way for the champ’s personal song...

/ 30th December 2012

Merry Christmas with the help of Corelli

Hi guys, at first merry christmas =). I’m not sure, if have enough time tomorow. So I’m posting this today. Listen to this amazing track, used in the Master and...

/ 23rd December 2012

Jarrod Radnich’s incredible Piano Solo of Pirates of the Caribbean

Made my day. It’s quite a good performance and his piano play is simply amazing! Have a nice week guys.

/ 12th November 2012

Hans Zimmer and John Powell live on stage performing “How To Train Your Dragon”!

Wow, check this out here! The two legends John Powell and Hans Zimmer in an amazing live (!) performance of the “How to train your dragon” soundtrack. It’s so awesome,...

/ 8th November 2012

Christian Linke brings League of Legends’ Summoner’s Cup Sneak Peek alive

Just found this at Beside the awesome voice I recognized the epic music – does anyone know the tracks or the composer? I’m already researching but I havent found...

/ 13th October 2012