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Listen: Filippo Beck Peccoz on Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun OST

"In the end, we need to serve the game itself."

/ 26th December 2017

Don’t be afraid of being weird: Inside Elephant Music’s trailer world with Vikram Gudi

Quietly yet with plenty of noise, London-based boutique agency Elephant Music has turned into one of the rising stars of the trailer scene. I got to speak with its founder and CEO...

/ 24th November 2017

National Geographic’s Jane premiered with a beautiful live performance of the score by Philip Glass

At the legendary Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA, the hollywood orchestra, conducted by William Ross, performed live to picture the score composed by Philip Glass to the newest Nat...

/ 1st November 2017

Sebastian Pecznik on working with live musicians on film scores

"To decide what to do with the music budget is where experience and both techniques and having studied music really come in handy."

/ 29th October 2017

Behind the Scenes on my Charity Arrangement of Austin Wintory’s Apotheosis

TL;DR: ALL Proceeds for the charity album SPIRIT go to Hurricane Harvey Relief, and raise awareness for the continued need in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Florida. A few...

/ 18th October 2017

Watch Johnny Klimek speak about the music in Babylon Berlin

The new TV series Babylon Berlin is out now in Germany, Austria, Italy, the UK and Ireland via Sky. Babylon Berlin will be available worldwide via Netflix (release date tba)....

/ 17th October 2017

The Best Percussion Libraries for Trailer Music

I’ve seen questions about percussion come up time after time on various forums and Facebook group pages. “What is the best percussion library to use for epic drums?” or, “What...

/ 13th September 2017

Trailer Music Placements August 2017 incl. Destiny 2, Molly’s Game

After the relaunch of our site, we’re now also back with our monthly overview of music used in promotional campaigns for films, games and tv series. If you can’t find...

/ 11th September 2017

Bryan Nguyen on scoring a TV Spot for The Mountain Between Us

With dozens of TV Spots released for every major Hollywood blockbuster, scoring those isn’t an easy task when each of them has to stand out in a particular way. For...

/ 11th September 2017

Darren Aronofsky’s usage of sound design in Pi, Black Swan, mother!

In an academic video essay on the sound design of Pi (1998) and Black Swan (2010), Daniel Crowley analyses Daran Aronofsky’s usage of sound design which he uses to let us connect...

/ 7th September 2017

Thomas Golubic on music supervision for Better Call Saul (listen)

This year, Music Supervisors finally received recognition at the Television Academy: For the first time in history, a category for “Music Supervision” is included at the Emmy Awards and the...

/ 2nd September 2017

Dirk Ehlert on the creative process behind his solo album Elements

German composer Dirk Ehlert has been working in the trailer and production music industry for almost six years. With a background in symphonic metal, he now works with various production...

/ 25th August 2017