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Agus González-Lancharro about the past and future of Really Slow Motion

After one hell of a year and even more rewarding months in 2014, Really Slow Motion gave its fans what they were longing for: A public release called Fiery the Angels...

/ 4th July 2014

ReallySlowMotion reveals first single “Ruins” by Blake “Blakus” Robinson

To be honest: I expected something different. The composers around Agus González-Lancharro are coming up with their first album for ReallySlowMotion Music. Thus I expected a massive track as their first...

/ 16th January 2013

ReallySlowMotion’s first album “Cosmogeny” about to be released soon!

In January/February 2013 the guys from ReallySlowMotion Music & Sound Design will release their first album! RSM is an upcoming production team (including amongst others Novem Music’s composer Koke Núñez...

/ 17th November 2012