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Trailer Music Placements October 2016 (incl. Rogue One, Planet Earth II, Final Fantasy XV)

Following our previous monthly placement recaps, let us have a look at the music in October’s trailers! ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer Music feat. Michael Nielsen The second Story Trailer...

/ 25th November 2016

Review: Alexandre Guiraud’s hybrid trailer music album “Rise”

“Rise” by Alexandre Guiraud is touted as an epic and aggressive orchestral/rock hybrid album that is comprised of driving guitars, triumphant choral arrangements and “glitch” synth programming.  The album contains tracks...

/ 20th September 2014

Composers Alexandre Guiraud and Martin Hasseldam about “Storm Forthcome”

We had often chatted about musical stuff, and just thought it would be fun to make a remote track like this in each of our corners of the world. We...

/ 23rd May 2013

Introducing composer Alexandre Guiraud with his mystic “La Foret Noire”

This time i’d like to present you a mystic piece by Wizart Music composer Alexandre Guiraud. It reminds a lot of Howard Shore’s darker pieces of the Lord of the...

/ 1st April 2013