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Audiomachine and Dean Valentine featured in “The Martian” trailer

Audiomachine has announced the usage of their track “Caprica” in the first trailer for  Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated movie called “The Martian”. The track was composed by Martyn Corbet and was released...

/ 10th June 2015

The Little Pince Trailer #2 features “Rat Race” by audiomachine

The story of “The Little Prince” comes to life with this energetic audiomachine track, called “Rat Race”, which can be found on “The Platinum Series IV” industry release.

/ 25th April 2015

Win a signed CD and download a track for free [past event]

Who wants a limited time only free download from audiomachine? It’s their “we’ve reached 100k thank you so much machine heads” limited time giveaway… They’re also doing a contest. Comment...

/ 25th March 2015

Trailer Music Placements: November

Welcome in the new episode of Trailer Music Placements. Today we take a look at November’s most noteworthy trailers. So let’s get to work! The following list is sorted chronologically....

/ 31st December 2013

Trailer Music Placements: October

October has come to an end, so it’s time to take a look at the past month’s most noteworthy trailers. Let’s find out which trailers have proven to be successful....

/ 8th November 2013

Free Download: audiomachine giving away 14(!!!) most requested tracks [past event]

I won’t loose much words about it. Having an epic overload on my headphones. Sorry that it didn’t went online one minute after they announced it: Even my pc paused...

/ 29th September 2013

Epic Writing: Part III – An outstanding cooperation of Machine Heads

Last month Trailer Music company audiomachine finally released its uplifting new album Tree of Life. As mentioned in our album review there has also been a collaborative writing challenge brought...

/ 13th August 2013

Tree of Life: audiomachine releases enchanting new album to the public

More and more Trailer Music tracks are released to the public. Two Steps From Hell, Immediate Music and now also audiomachine again released a new piece of their incredibly emotional...

/ 20th July 2013

Perfect Epic Rock Hybrid mix to boost your motivation!

I just found out that this Trailer Music mix is perfect if you got to boost your motivation somehow! It includes tracks by big companies like Gothic Storm Music, West One Music...

/ 27th January 2013

audiomachine presents Best of 2012 (featured movie Trailers)

Life of Pi, Anna Karenina, The Vow, The Impossible, The Words, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Brave, The Hobbit, Men in Black 3, The Dark Knight Rises, The Bourne Legacy, Savages, The Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, The Avengers,Expandables...

/ 18th January 2013

audiomachine releases “Tree of Life” and “Equinox” from new album Awakenings

Speaking of audiomachine: Here are two brand new beautiful releases from their new album “Awakenings”. Enjoy them even more because unfortunately the album won’t be released for the public! The...

/ 21st November 2012

The Trailer Music used in the campaign for Life of Pi

I’m very much looking forward to Life of Pi and so I thought, why not collect some of the great music featured in the trailers? You can read about it below....

/ 21st November 2012