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Slash rocks audiomachine

That’s how you make some noise before the noise!

/ 31st August 2012

Spread the word about audiomachine’s epic “March on the Black Gate”!

Here’s what you have to do today: Click on the link below, feel the drama, check out audiomachine’s channel and feel the epicness. Then go to your colleagues, friends and your...

/ 15th August 2012

Olympic Games montage: audiomachine giving away “Eterna” for free

audiomachine invites you to download their song Eterna for free! It’s only this week so you better do it right now. Eterna, composed by Kevin Rix, has been featured in an opening montage for...

/ 3rd August 2012

“Epica” – audiomachine finally releases second public album to the public

Fantastic news, don’t you think? The preview is way too nice 🙂

/ 29th June 2012