Tag: Bob “TheWraith517” Goodwin

The beauty of simplicity (?)

After mentioning Philip Glass in the article about Hans Zimmer’s work here’s now what upcoming composers say about simplicity. Especially after speaking about Hans Zimmer who’s best known for his...

/ 14th July 2013

Bob “TheWraith517” Goodwin – People Die Every Day, We Cant Remember Them All… And Very Few Touch Our Lives

Here’s one of my favorite pieces by Bob “TheWraith517” Goodwin who is still number one on ReverbNation. Some might say it’s depressing. I’d say that it mirrows the plainness of the...

/ 7th February 2013

Unemployed composer TheWraith517 becomes #1 Instrumental Composer on ReverbNation worldwide and gives away free music

You gotta watch this. You gotta hear this. I just can’t describe Bob “TheWraith517” Goodwin and his work better than this video (at the bottom of the post). I’m so fascinated...

/ 6th February 2013