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Watch Christian Henson explain how much a media composer gets paid

Christian Henson’s still fairly young YouTube channel has proven already to be one of the best sources for information for anyone breaking into the world of composing for media –...

/ 28th June 2017

Composer Christian Henson on what he would tell his five-year-old self

As a five-year-old, Christian Henson (Alien: Isolation, Inside No. 9) already knew he wanted to be a composer. Today, as the father of a five-year-old, he knows that someone of...

/ 15th March 2017

On A Different Note: Christian Henson about Spitfire Audio’s creative foundation

The huge number of high-quality virtual instruments on today’s market is a blessing and a curse. It has become fairly easy to create professional-sounding music, including large orchestral scores. However,...

/ 10th November 2016