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Synthphonia: New Polish company releases first album “Sky Pillar”

Soundtracks and Trailer Music composers are really spread around the globe! After the latest articels about Canadian, British and Singaporean composers, you’ll read and hear now about an upcoming Polish...

/ 5th May 2013

7DAYSMUSIC: Introducing a new hybrid company from Singapore

This week I’d like to present you the company 7DAYSMUSIC, which is a project of two guys from Singapore. Iliya Zaki is specialized in epic orchestral tracks for movies, games and...

/ 3rd May 2013

Free download of all albums by The Secession Studios [past event]

Hey Cool! 4000 Likes! Lets celebrate by giving you guys some free sh*t! ALL albums are free downloads for the next 24 hours!! http://thesecession.bandcamp.com/ After giving away “Augmentations” for free, The...

/ 21st March 2013