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Introducing English Composer Rick Horrocks

Film, Television, and Video Game Music has never been bigger than it is today. Some say that it was at its best in the 1960’s, some say the 1970’s, some...

/ 12th October 2013

Immediate live in Europe: Exclusive news about an epic event in 2014

We got some exciting news for you. You’ll read about Immediate Music and Yoav Goren, the pioneer of epic music, so it’s no wonder that there’s an epic story behind...

/ 25th July 2013

park0urfreak: Interview with an Epic Trailer Music Channel pioneer

We’re always in search of new epic music. So it’s not suprising that we stumbled across park0urfreak’s “Epic Trailer Music Channel” several times. 4 years on youtube now, he has...

/ 31st October 2012