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Epic Writing: Part III – An outstanding cooperation of Machine Heads

Last month Trailer Music company audiomachine finally released its uplifting new album Tree of Life. As mentioned in our album review there has also been a collaborative writing challenge brought...

/ 13th August 2013

Epic Writing: Part II – by Leighton Williams (Trailer Music Vibe)

Heroes without tale-tellers are like trailers without music: Nobody will remember what happened. Epic Writing brings together both: Inspiring Soundtracks and Trailer Music as well as ambitious writers who couldn’t resist to...

/ 26th June 2013

Epic Writing: Part I – by Clothilde Lebrun (Trailer Music News)

Before we started this project we thought a lot about creating something about epic writing. As you know we decided to support upcoming composers instead. But creative writing to outstanding...

/ 29th May 2013