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Epic Music Bundle 3 raising funds for Trocaire Refugee Crisis Relief

Following Epic Music Bundle 2 which raised funds for the victims of the Nepalese earthquake you can now get Epic Music Bundle 3 for as little as $2. This time all...

/ 16th December 2015

Watch a cinematic Album Promo for Gothic Storm’ “Dragons and Kings” album

Last month our friends from EpicMusicVn released a cinematic album promo for Gothic Storm Music’s album “Dragons and Kings” taking you into a fantastic world full of brave warriours and fearsome...

/ 19th May 2015

Dance Remix better than original? Two Steps From Hell’s “For The Win”

How do you guys think about Dance Remixes of Soundtracks and Trailer Music? Most comments on different plattforms are somewhere between “Blasphemy!” and “Earsgasm!” 😀 Did you like Tiesto’s “He’s...

/ 20th February 2013