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Trailer compilation: Are blockbuster trailers all the same?

According to a trailer compilation created by RedLetterMedia this is the number 1 formula for blockbuster trailers these days: Establishing shot of a city BWAAAAAM Mysterious, cryptic, and vague lines Build up to silence…...

/ 2nd May 2015

Brilliant Breaking Bad Remix of Seasons 3-5

Breaking Bad anyone? I’ve been listening to this in a loop for days now. So well done.

/ 10th April 2015

Honest Trailer for Interstellar released

Witness a visual masterpiece that assaults your eyes with breathtaking effects and assaults your ears with emotional sweels that sound like Hans Zimmer fell asleep on his organ. I really...

/ 3rd April 2015

Felix Baumgartner feat. Lego & Extreme Music

Fortunately Felix Baumgartner didn’t hit the ground like his LEGO counterpart at 1:14! In case you haven’t seen this awesome LEGO stop-motion clip yet, you gotta check it out! The...

/ 16th October 2012

Slash rocks audiomachine

That’s how you make some noise before the noise!

/ 31st August 2012

Inception Trailer Music A Capella Re-Dub: Everybody BRAAAAAAW!

Maybe you have ever wondered how bombastic trailer Music would sound like in A Capella. Here’s the perfect example and it sounds legendary! 😀 Enjoy the Inception Trailer Music A...

/ 23rd August 2012

Worst choir ever?

I bet my hat Hans Zimmer would even get these elderlies to perform an impressive “Bane-chant” for The Dark Knight Rises!

/ 14th August 2012