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I have a dream…: How to become a Hollywood Composer

“I have a dream….”, although I’ve heard this one before, it certainly was the trigger for my project to leave Europe and to give it a try in the United...

/ 5th September 2013

Young Composer Daniel Schmid: Introducing German creator of epic and emotional tracks

Daniel Schmid – Blades and Fates by Daniel Schmid A blacksmith is part of every true epic adventure when it comes to tales from the Middle Ages. Therefore it’s quite...

/ 8th June 2013

park0urfreak: Interview with an Epic Trailer Music Channel pioneer

We’re always in search of new epic music. So it’s not suprising that we stumbled across park0urfreak’s “Epic Trailer Music Channel” several times. 4 years on youtube now, he has...

/ 31st October 2012