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Good Read: Inside the Fury Road soundtrack: How Junkie XL scored the madness of Mad Max

Have you already seen “Mad Max: Fury Road”? This interview with Junkie XL​ gives you an idea about what it is like to work together with George Miller​, and how...

/ 24th May 2015

Good Read: Spotify, Tidal, Taylor Swift, And The Coming Streaming Music Wars

The thing that execs from Bop.fm, Next Big Sound, and Deezer all agreed on is that windowing, or gaining exclusive content for specific services, will heat up tremendously. Once the...

/ 3rd April 2015

Good Read: Why Are Movie Trailers Called “Trailers”?

The clips, always shown after the main feature, were first referred to as “trailers” in a 1917 New York Times article that enumerated on the massive spread of their use and integration. Here’s a...

/ 26th March 2015