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CHC: Grady Klein and Simeon Harris team up to tame “Exertus”

Middle of May we started our initiative Composers Help Composers (CHC) to get together all the great composers on earth to help each other out. Besides all the new connections between...

/ 11th August 2013

The beauty of simplicity (?)

After mentioning Philip Glass in the article about Hans Zimmer’s work here’s now what upcoming composers say about simplicity. Especially after speaking about Hans Zimmer who’s best known for his...

/ 14th July 2013

Introducing composer Grady Klein and his first album “Fractal”

Please have a listen to these two track to get a feeling of composer Grady Klein’s album Fractal published under the pseudonym Fractal Music. You’ll then read more about Affinity and...

/ 23rd May 2013