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Batman v Superman Soundtrack Snippet Preview

Batman v Superman: Listen to the first 90 seconds of Hans Zimmer’s and Junkie XL’s score

Many of you are probably excited about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hitting the big screen on March 24 this year. While expectations still vary, it’s definitely safe to...

/ 16th January 2016

Les Bosquets teaser featuring music by Woodkid and Hans Zimmer

If you have not already heard the snippet of the soundtrack composed by Woodkid, which is conducted and arranged by the legendary Hans Zimmer, then you should definitely check it...

/ 19th April 2015

Hans Zimmer confirmed to be scoring “Inferno”

Good news. Hans Zimmer has been confirmed to be Scoring the next Dan Brown adapted book ‘Inferno,’ continuing his collaboration from the previous two; The Da Vinci Code and Angels...

/ 13th April 2015

Hans Zimmer Revealed: The Rock Star of Film Music live in concert

Hans Zimmer is a Rock Star. He may be a Composer yes, but he is a Rock Star first. He started his career in bands, not the understudy of one...

/ 22nd October 2014

Award-winning composers’ tips for aspiring newcomers (Hans Zimmer, Patrick Doyle, Johan Söderqvist, Dario Marianelli)

Visiting the Krakow Film Music Festival end of last month we were lucky hearing many legendary composers talking about their movies and lives. Part of it were tips for up...

/ 8th October 2014

Review: The concerts at Krakow Film Music Festival 2014

End of last month we visited the Krakow Film Music Festival including its main four concerts: Kon-Tiki: Live in Concert (nominee of Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film 2013),...

/ 7th October 2014

Introducing composer and cellist Christof Unterberger

A while ago we had the chance to meet composer and cellist Christof Unterberger at his home studio in Vienna. After reading quotes by big shots like Hans Zimmer, Jeff...

/ 16th September 2014

The Incredible Music of Hendric Bünck

After interviewing Hendric Bünck one year ago, it is now time to take a look back at what he has been doing in the time since, and what exciting new projects he...

/ 10th November 2013

Adam Gubman and Taylor Davis reinventing the sound of Hans Zimmer

Do you guys still remember Adam Gubman? We only featured him once on our website being responsible for the horror Trailer Music album Dark Matter by switch [more news about switch are on...

/ 2nd October 2013

Why Hans Zimmer Got The Job You Wanted (And You Didn’t)

I worked for Hans Zimmer for about 8 years, 5 of which were in a studio at Remote Control, his facility in Santa Monica. Since leaving Remote, many people have...

/ 12th July 2013

Best track from The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack: Hans Zimmer’s “Why do we fall?”

So far the score for The Dark Knight Rises by Hans Zimmer seems to be your favorite of 2012. Nevertheless we’ll pay tribute to the other scores as well until they pronounce the winner...

/ 5th January 2013

Jarrod Radnich’s incredible Piano Solo of Pirates of the Caribbean

Made my day. It’s quite a good performance and his piano play is simply amazing! Have a nice week guys.

/ 12th November 2012