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Interview mit 16 Jahre altem Komponisten Hendric Bünck

Hendric Bünck ist 16. Er ist ganz am Anfang seiner Karriere – und hier ist unser Interview. (Click here to read it in English) 1. Seit wann komponierst du jetzt...

/ 11th November 2012

Hans Zimmer and John Powell live on stage performing “How To Train Your Dragon”!

Wow, check this out here! The two legends John Powell and Hans Zimmer in an amazing live (!) performance of the “How to train your dragon” soundtrack. It’s so awesome,...

/ 8th November 2012

The Dark Knight Soundtrack live: Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard

Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard The Dark Knight Soundtrack together live on stage! Such a pity that James left the team after the second movie.

/ 5th November 2012

Two Steps From Hell need your help to perform epicness live!

That would be soooooooo incredibly fantastic that I won’t write here anything else about but will let you read what they wrote about the project on Startnext.de. I simply underlined...

/ 26th September 2012

Lorne Balfe and Hans Zimmer compose for Amnesty International

Do you know Lorne Balfe? If not, you should never forget his name again. For several years now he’s been working with Hans Zimmer and became his Co-Componist & Ghostwriter....

/ 17th September 2012

Petteri Sainio – The Dark Knight Rises fan made soundtrack

Maybe Hans Zimmer should take Petteri Sainio as his next companion now that James Newton Howard has left Zimmer and Nolan. After two months of work Petteri has finished his...

/ 6th September 2012

Worst choir ever?

I bet my hat Hans Zimmer would even get these elderlies to perform an impressive “Bane-chant” for The Dark Knight Rises!

/ 14th August 2012

The perfect beginning of a movie: Hans Zimmer’s “Opening – Beginning The Battle” (Gladiator soundtrack, Oscar nominee 2001)

This is how every movie soundtrack should start. It misses several seconds of the real beginning but it was the best piece I could find from the Gladiator soundtrack legally...

/ 22nd July 2012

Not included on The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack: Hans Zimmer’s “Gotham’s Reckoning”(Nokia Trailer 4 Music)

It’s a shame that this track is only featured in the 4th Nokia trailer for and that it’s not included on Hans Zimmer‘s original The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack. They...

/ 11th July 2012