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A Decade of Epicness: Aleksandar Dimitrijevic about composing for trailers

Aleksandar Dimitrijevic. A name as difficult to pronounce as it is important to remember. Composer Aleksandar Dimitrijevic has been working in the trailer music industry for over ten years now...

/ 25th August 2015

Trailerhead: NU EPIQ – IMMEDIATE announces new epic music album

Exciting news from the pioneers of Epic Music: A new album Trailerhead: NU EPIQ by Immediate has officially been announced! From the official press release: “Premiere label dedicated to ‘Epic...

/ 13th May 2014

Soundtrack Review: Larry Groupe’s trailer album “Dream Cinema” (2013)

This is a review of the trailer album Dream Cinema by Larry Groupé. Dream Cinema is the follow up to the excellent 2010 album Excelsius. In Dream Cinema, Larry’s inspiration...

/ 24th November 2013
Yoav Goren Interview

Immediate Music: Interview with president and co-founder Yoav Goren

In this year’s April, we had the chance to meet the president, co-founder and composer of Immediate Music: Yoav Goren. In 2013 Immediate Music can celebrate its 20th anniversary. As Yoav...

/ 21st November 2013

New album, free downloads, anniversary: Immediate Music goes public

Immediate Music has always been eager to keep everything about them as secret and mysterious as possible. Getting closer to the live tour in 2014 (make sure to support it via liking...

/ 26th August 2013

Immediate live in Europe: Exclusive news about an epic event in 2014

We got some exciting news for you. You’ll read about Immediate Music and Yoav Goren, the pioneer of epic music, so it’s no wonder that there’s an epic story behind...

/ 25th July 2013

Interview with German composer Valentin Boomes (Immediate Music & RSM)

When we met Yoav Goren a while ago here in Germany he mentioned a composer called Valentin Boomes. He spoke about him as a German composer who got contracted recently...

/ 17th June 2013

Epic Writing: Part I – by Clothilde Lebrun (Trailer Music News)

Before we started this project we thought a lot about creating something about epic writing. As you know we decided to support upcoming composers instead. But creative writing to outstanding...

/ 29th May 2013

Chris Haigh about his track “Vindicator” being featured in The Wolverine trailer

As you can see above British composer Chris Haigh already got his music into several really big productions. Recently his music has been part of the international trailer for “The...

/ 4th May 2013

“The Day Is At Hand”: Immediate Music reveals The Day Is At Hand

Listen to Immediate Music‘s “The Day Is At Hand” from “Quantum” featured in oscar-winning “Argo” and “Upside Down”. Just do it. Now. Thank you for creating this tragic beauty, John...

/ 5th March 2013

First look on Iron Man 3 Trailer featuring Immediate Music

Take a first look at the new Iron Man 3 Trailer which will be online on Tuesday featuring music from Immediate Music’s latest industry release ‘Violations‘.

/ 5th December 2012

Interview with Yoav Goren on Monday!

On monday we will interview Yoav Goren! As the president and co-founder of Immediate Music he’s responsible for the world’s largest Trailer Music Catalog on this planet. Immediate Music’s tracks...

/ 9th November 2012