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Epic Music Bundle 3 raising funds for Trocaire Refugee Crisis Relief

Following Epic Music Bundle 2 which raised funds for the victims of the Nepalese earthquake you can now get Epic Music Bundle 3 for as little as $2. This time all...

/ 16th December 2015

Fallout 4: Bethesda announces Inon Zur as composer

As expected by many and as hoped for by even more, today Bethesda announced Inon Zur as the official composer of Fallout 4. The award-winning composer who was already responsible...

/ 22nd September 2015

Inon Zur scores Sword Coast Legends PAX Prime Trailer

If you wondered who wrote the beautiful music for the PAX Prime Trailer for Sword Coast Legends, look no further: It’s a custom composition by Sword Coast Legends composer Inon...

/ 2nd September 2015

Music is a language: Tips from Inon Zur for young artists

In addition to our extensive article on Inon Zur’s new album ‘Age of Sirens’ we wanted to share his thoughts on what he believes is important for young composers to...

/ 16th August 2015

A tribute to the fans, collaboration and the world we live in: Inon Zur about “Age of Sirens”

With his credits reaching from video games like Prince of Persia, Dragon Age, Fallout, Warhammer 40.000, to Crysis, EverQuest, Fantasia and the Syberia series Inon Zur is one of the...

/ 2nd August 2015

Inon Zur’s beautiful “Leap of Faith” featured in new The Good Dinosaur Trailer

As announced on composer Inon Zur’s official Facebook page his track “Leap of Faith” can be heard in the beginning of the new official US Trailer for Disney’s and Pixar’s “The Good...

/ 22nd July 2015

Age of Sirens: Compilation album by Fallout composer Inon Zur available for pre-order

Inon Zur, composer of the highly popular video games Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas as well as video game classics like Crysis or Prince of Persia, is now about to...

/ 15th July 2015

FIRED EARTH MUSIC releases new album “HEROES” featuring Mark Petrie

“Emotive, evolving epic … sparkling piano, reminiscent of a classic superhero epic … brooding, thriller opening … sword clashes, heroic rhythmic strings … powerful male choir … massive backend, eerie...

/ 5th December 2012

Universal Trailer Series about to launch new trailer music albums

“The Future of Trailer Music” is quite a big phrase! We’ll see – but the audiofiles are definitely worth listening to 🙂

/ 19th July 2012