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Watch a live performance of Jo Blankenburg’s “Garador’s Flight”

From today on the live recording of Jo Blankenburg’s ‘Elysium‘ will be posted on his facebookpage! Starting with ‘Garador’s Flight’: Many of you have been asking about the live Elysium...

/ 7th January 2013

Review of Composer Franck Barre’s Soundtracks and Trailer Music

You listen to a track. You like it. You start listening again. If you really like it you share the track. You start listening to it every day. It becomes...

/ 3rd November 2012

A poem for Jo Blankenburg’s wonderful “Leaving Lemuria”

I just found this wonderful piece by Jo Blankenburg. Turn up the volume and enjoy the pleasant shiver running down your spine 🙂 [Edited 8/16/2012]  Nitish Raina (the guy who takes care...

/ 14th August 2012