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Tips for young composers from Richard Jacques (James Bond 007: Blood Stone, Mass Effect)

When speaking with Multi-award winning, BAFTA and IVOR NOVELLO nominated composer Richard Jacques about his album ‘Heroville‘, he mentioned a few things to keep in mind when starting out in...

/ 19th October 2016

Composer Richard Jacques about the creation of orchestral big band album ‘Heroville’

West One Music Group’s Heroville album is one of these very rare albums that transport you into another world with the very first notes. I was fortunate to speak with Multi-award winning,...

/ 18th October 2016
Champions of anteria_jeff braodbent

Composer Jeff Broadbent about the musical process behind Ubisoft Blue Byte’s ‘Champions of Anteria’

Officially classified as a typical Real Time Strategy Game, Ubisoft Blue Byte’s Champions of Anteria definitely is more than that. Champions of Anteria combines base building with role-playing elements and pausable combat which I have not experienced...

/ 16th October 2016

Of Monsters and Earthquakes: Behind the sound effects libraries ‘Shakes and Rattles’ & ‘The Plunger’

It’s crazy what ordinary sounds we hear every day can be turned into. Take Zdravko Djordjevic’s Shakes and Rattles Earthquake sound effects library as an example: In the demos below you go from...

/ 24th September 2016

Behind the Cuts: Q&A with movie trailer editor Patricio Hoter

In our new series of articles, we will shine the spotlight on masters of sleight of hand, men and women in the industry whose work is largely visual, but nevertheless...

/ 27th July 2016

Soundtrack_Cologne 13: What to look forward to at this year’s edition (24.8.-28.8.2016)

Established 13 years ago in Cologne, Germany, Soundtrack_Cologne has quickly become one of Europe’s most important congresses for the screen music industry. I got the chance to speak with CEO...

/ 27th July 2016

Behind the Cuts: Award-Winning editor Mellissa Lo about mastering the edit of particularly complex film projects

In our new series of articles, we will shine the spotlight on masters of sleight of hand, men and women in the industry whose work is largely visual, but nevertheless...

/ 13th July 2016

Scoring Forza Motorsport 6: Michael Nielsen and Kaveh Cohen about the difficulties of reinventing the music of an established car racing franchise

When you think of racing games, you don’t usually think about tranquil and intimate music. If you then add the composers behind some of the music in trailers for Mad...

/ 6th June 2016

Soundlister: The One Place to Look for Audio Professionals and Hobbyists

The recently launched website Soundlister.com is all about matching audio professionals with their customers. If everything goes as planned, it may become the one-stop source for people looking for composers,...

/ 5th June 2016

Phoenix: Composer Anže Rozman about the live performance of his rhapsodic composition

Last December I had the luck to experience Anže Rozman’s composition – Phoenix, performed live by the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra as well as by the incredibly gifted 21-year-old flautist Eva-Nina...

/ 24th May 2016

The challenges of writing for an orchestra: Jay Wadley about scoring James Schamus’ ‘Indignation’

Indignation, a novel by American novelist Philip Roth, was published in 2008. Following celebrated works of his, such as U.S. National Book Award for Fiction winning novella ‘Goodbye, Columbus’ and...

/ 26th April 2016

Tips for young composers from Tom Holkenborg a.k.a. Junkie XL (Mad Max, Black Mass, Batman v Superman)

In my interview with Tom Holkenborg a.k.a. Junkie XL about his score for Black Mass, he shared some experiences he made in the industry while making his way from being a producer...

/ 13th April 2016