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Titanic’s Maiden Voyage at the 10th Krakow Film Music Festival

This year’s Film Music Festival in Krakow was the biggest one yet. Not only did it welcome some of the biggest composers working today, such as Howard Shore, Abel Korzeniowski,...

/ 29th May 2017

Q&A: BAFTA Conversations with Screen Composers – James Horner

I returned to London and the Royal Albert Hall only two days after being blown away by Titanic Live in Concert. This time though, it was a much more intimate...

/ 2nd May 2015

Titanic Live in Concert with James Horner

Stepping into the Royal Albert Hall in London is, I imagine, like stepping aboard the Titanic itself. The grandeur of it all, the regality, the finish of the art and...

/ 30th April 2015

John Powell – Forbidden Friendship

I wonder if it is more difficult to compose a soundtrack for animation because you don’t really see persons or the environment where the set takes place. Well on the...

/ 21st July 2012