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Tips for trailer music and screen music composers from Jeff Broadbent

In our recent two articles we shone a spotlight on composer Jeff Broadbent’s score for Ubisoft Blue Byte’s RTS Champions of Anteria as well as his creative process behind ‘Time Stands Still‘,...

/ 17th October 2016
Champions of anteria_jeff braodbent

Composer Jeff Broadbent about the musical process behind Ubisoft Blue Byte’s ‘Champions of Anteria’

Officially classified as a typical Real Time Strategy Game, Ubisoft Blue Byte’s Champions of Anteria definitely is more than that. Champions of Anteria combines base building with role-playing elements and pausable combat which I have not experienced...

/ 16th October 2016

Jeff Broadbent about composing Trailer Music album ‘Time Stands Still’ (Position Music)

Recently Trailer Music publisher Position Music has released Jeff Broadbent’s album ‘Time Stands Still‘. With the album’s official concept of being “a bridge between the personal and sublime, the mystical and the epic”,...

/ 15th October 2016