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The Northerner: Jeremy Soule (composer for Skyrim, Oblivion, Guild Wars, WoW, Harry Potter, …) needs your help to compose his first symphony!

What are you doing when you already received the MTV Video Music Award, the British Academy Film Award and several others? What’s the meaning of life when you have been nominated several...

/ 21st March 2013

The best Guild Wars 2 Trailer featuring Jeremy Soule’s “Fear Not This Night”

Anyone at the Gamescom these days? Because IMO the “new” Gamescom Trailer for Guild Wars 2 this year wasn’t better than the one for 2011 I’d like to show you this one. It is...

/ 16th August 2012

Malukah: Outstanding cover of “The Dragonborn comes” (Skyrim)

This is such a fine performance of this song – you’ll like this even if you haven’t heard about Skyrim yet:

/ 5th July 2012