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Review of Synthphonia’s second album “Uncharted” featuring Monika Emat

In 2012 the Soundtrack and Trailer Music company Synthphonia was created by two Polish composer, Christopher Kus and Michael Riske. After they had released their first album in April 2013, they...

/ 22nd August 2013

Exclusive news about Synthphonia’s second album “Uncharted”

On July 17th Michael Riske and Christopher Kus the composers behind Synthphonia will release their new album called Uncharted.  So far I can only tell you that there’s again something...

/ 10th July 2013

Synthphonia: New Polish company releases first album “Sky Pillar”

Soundtracks and Trailer Music composers are really spread around the globe! After the latest articels about Canadian, British and Singaporean composers, you’ll read and hear now about an upcoming Polish...

/ 5th May 2013