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Behind the music in the trailer for Molly’s Game

Today the Official Trailer for Molly’s Game came out, starring Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Michael Cera and Kevin Costner. Director Aaron Sorkin tells the true story of an Olympic-class skier who ran the world’s most...

/ 15th August 2017

Trailer Music Placements October 2016 (incl. Rogue One, Planet Earth II, Final Fantasy XV)

Following our previous monthly placement recaps, let us have a look at the music in October’s trailers! ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer Music feat. Michael Nielsen The second Story Trailer...

/ 25th November 2016

Trailer Music Placements September 2016 (incl. Miss Sloane, Nocturnal Animals, Collateral Beauty)

Following our previous monthly placement recaps, let us have a look at the music in September’s trailers! ‘Miss Sloane’ Trailer Music feat. Keaton Simons If you don’t watch ‘Suits’ you...

/ 19th October 2016
Trailer Music Placements July 2016

Trailer Music Placements: July 2016 (incl. Dr. Strange, A Monster Calls, Suicide Squad, LEGO Batman Movie, xXx)

Following our June placements recap, let’s have a look at what music was put to good usage in July’s trailers! ‘Doctor Strange’ Trailer Music feat. Joe Bauer and 11:28 Benedict Cumberbatch...

/ 16th August 2016

Trailer Music Placements: June 2016 (incl. Battlefield 1, The Shallows, Spider-Man, Assassin’s Creed)

We are back with our monthly Trailer Music Placements articles! First off, we would like to present you our favourite trailers from last month including five trailers that premiered at this year’s E3 but also...

/ 11th July 2016

PAN: Behind the music in the Adventure Trailer

I guess most of you have seen at least parts of the trailer campaign for PAN. Now that the new take on the classic Peter Pan Story will be out worldwide the...

/ 4th October 2015

No Escape: Soundtrack and Trailer Music Background Info

Marco Beltrami’s and Buck Sanders’ score for John Dowdle’s Action Thriller ‘No Escape’ is available online and it’s definitely worth a listen. After Beltrami and Sanders collaborated on the Zombie Horror Comedy...

/ 3rd September 2015

Inon Zur scores Sword Coast Legends PAX Prime Trailer

If you wondered who wrote the beautiful music for the PAX Prime Trailer for Sword Coast Legends, look no further: It’s a custom composition by Sword Coast Legends composer Inon...

/ 2nd September 2015

Inon Zur’s beautiful “Leap of Faith” featured in new The Good Dinosaur Trailer

As announced on composer Inon Zur’s official Facebook page his track “Leap of Faith” can be heard in the beginning of the new official US Trailer for Disney’s and Pixar’s “The Good...

/ 22nd July 2015

Immediate Music’s “Against the Gods” featured in Ant-Man TV Spot

Immediate Music’s epic title “Against the Gods” from the OMEGA collection, composed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic has been featured in the 13th TV Spot for Marvels first Ant-Man movie. Are you...

/ 19th July 2015

Audiomachine and Dean Valentine featured in “The Martian” trailer

Audiomachine has announced the usage of their track “Caprica” in the first trailer for  Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated movie called “The Martian”. The track was composed by Martyn Corbet and was released...

/ 10th June 2015

Launch Cinematic for “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” online

CD Projekt Red, the Polish development studio behind the successful “The Witcher” video game saga, has just released their Launch Cinematic for the highly anticipated new part of the series:...

/ 14th May 2015