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JAY Z + VonLichten team up again for NCAA Championship Open track

“You can be anybody on any given night.”

/ 7th April 2015

Multiple placements in new “Pixels” trailer

Another day, another ReallySlowMotion Music & Sound Design trailer placement. Or two, to be excact. This time featuring “Josh BRAAAWLin” by Attila Áts and “Parallel Fear” by Vivien Chebbah. Click...

/ 18th March 2015

Trailer Music Placements: December

The following list is sorted chronologically. Trailer Music Placement #1: Beauty and the Beast feat. “Leaving Lemuria” & “The Chosen One” The article I’d like to begin with the French...

/ 31st December 2014

Trailer Music Placements: November

Welcome in the new episode of Trailer Music Placements. Today we take a look at November’s most noteworthy trailers. So let’s get to work! The following list is sorted chronologically....

/ 31st December 2013