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Trailer Music Placements October 2016 (incl. Rogue One, Planet Earth II, Final Fantasy XV)

Following our previous monthly placement recaps, let us have a look at the music in October’s trailers! ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ Trailer Music feat. Michael Nielsen The second Story Trailer...

/ 25th November 2016

Trailer Music Placements: June 2016 (incl. Battlefield 1, The Shallows, Spider-Man, Assassin’s Creed)

We are back with our monthly Trailer Music Placements articles! First off, we would like to present you our favourite trailers from last month including five trailers that premiered at this year’s E3 but also...

/ 11th July 2016

Epic Writing: Part III – An outstanding cooperation of Machine Heads

Last month Trailer Music company audiomachine finally released its uplifting new album Tree of Life. As mentioned in our album review there has also been a collaborative writing challenge brought...

/ 13th August 2013

Tree of Life: audiomachine releases enchanting new album to the public

More and more Trailer Music tracks are released to the public. Two Steps From Hell, Immediate Music and now also audiomachine again released a new piece of their incredibly emotional...

/ 20th July 2013

Spread the word about audiomachine’s epic “March on the Black Gate”!

Here’s what you have to do today: Click on the link below, feel the drama, check out audiomachine’s channel and feel the epicness. Then go to your colleagues, friends and your...

/ 15th August 2012