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National Geographic’s Jane premiered with a beautiful live performance of the score by Philip Glass

At the legendary Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, CA, the hollywood orchestra, conducted by William Ross, performed live to picture the score composed by Philip Glass to the newest Nat...

/ 1st November 2017

The Neverending Story Live in Concert at the Krakow Film Music Festival

The tenth iteration of the International Film Music Festival in Krakow had many highlights in store for its visitors, but the biggest one and only true standout for me certainly...

/ 11th August 2017

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Live in Concert

With his opening statement, the conductor John Jesensky made clear, that this concert would be a lot more casual than your average classical concert. He encouraged the audience to have...

/ 9th August 2017

FMF 2017: Abel Korzeniowski returns home to Krakow

Think of Abel Korzeniowski’s music and you think of elegance, formality and darkness. His music is a juxtaposition. It sits in that void between beauty and sadness. His singular and...

/ 5th June 2017

Titanic’s Maiden Voyage at the 10th Krakow Film Music Festival

This year’s Film Music Festival in Krakow was the biggest one yet. Not only did it welcome some of the biggest composers working today, such as Howard Shore, Abel Korzeniowski,...

/ 29th May 2017

“If you can see it, you can be it”: About the state of female composers in the entertainment industry

What’s it like to be a male composer? One would think this a weird question, but what if we changed it to ‘What’s it like to be a female composer?’...

/ 16th September 2016

Krakow Film Music Festival 2016: How I experienced the masterclasses

In May 2016, I was fortunate in being selected to attend the Krakow Film Music Festival (FMF) and to participate in its composer workshops. The seven days of seminars and...

/ 6th July 2016

Krakow Film Music Festival 2016: Live Blog

The Krakow Film Music Festival 2016 has begun and we look forward to tell you about everything that is happening. In our live feed below you will find descriptions, photos,...

/ 25th May 2016

Phoenix: Composer Anže Rozman about the live performance of his rhapsodic composition

Last December I had the luck to experience Anže Rozman’s composition – Phoenix, performed live by the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra as well as by the incredibly gifted 21-year-old flautist Eva-Nina...

/ 24th May 2016

Watch James Newton Howard’s scores performed live at Hollywood in Vienna

James Newton Howard, the mastermind behind the scores for Pretty Woman, Sixth Sense, Signs, Blood Diamond and many other fantastic soundtracks, was now rightfully honoured with the Max Steiner Film...

/ 24th October 2015

Danny Elfman’s Music From the Films of Tim Burton: The Concert in Paris

The highly-acclaimed Danny Elfman’s Music From the Films of Tim Burton concert tour finally arrived in Paris last weekend. This tour, which started at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 2013, had already...

/ 13th October 2015

How the Krakow Film Music Festival 2015 honoured the great Shakespeare

When one thinks of Shakespeare, the language and the stories come to mind. The enduring legacy of the great man continues to spread, to this day, throughout the world. So...

/ 14th June 2015