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Hendric Bünck’s “Albert the Chicken (maintheme)” takes you on a divertive adventure

This piece by young composer Hendric Bünck is full of diverting episodes telling new stories about a fantastic adventure. Running away from the past, coming home, feeling safe, a good...

/ 16th March 2013

Interview with 16-year-old composer Hendric Bünck

Hendric Bünck is 16. He is just at the beginning of his career. And here is our interview. (Hier geht’s zum Interview auf Deutsch.) 1.When did you start to compose...

/ 11th November 2012

Escape From The Mothership: Twin Scoring Studio’s powerful space trip

This track by Twin Scoring Studio is one of the most powerful I’ve ever heard. Starting around 0:23 it creates such a suspenseful atmosphere as if you really have to...

/ 14th August 2012