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Writing’s on the Wall: Spectre Theme Song by Sam Smith Released

Every time a new James Bond movie comes out, it’s just as exciting to listen to the new theme song. A few weeks ago BRIT Critic’s Choice Award-winner Sam Smith was selected...

/ 25th September 2015

Woodkid teams up with Lykke Li on the “Insurgent” Soundtrack

I guess you’ll enjoy this mesmerizing result of the collaboration between Woodkid and Lykke Li for the official “Insurgent” Soundtrack. Now available on iTunes.

/ 20th March 2015

Quentin Tarantino speaking about the soundtrack for Django Unchained

That’s so great! You can listen to Quentin Tarantino commenting every single track of the soundtrack for Django Unchained including legends like Ennio Morricone and Jerry Goldsmith as well as – 2Pac! ;D Luckily he’s only...

/ 10th January 2013

Merry Christmas with the help of Corelli

Hi guys, at first merry christmas =). I’m not sure, if have enough time tomorow. So I’m posting this today. Listen to this amazing track, used in the Master and...

/ 23rd December 2012

The Trailer Music used in the campaign for Life of Pi

I’m very much looking forward to Life of Pi and so I thought, why not collect some of the great music featured in the trailers? You can read about it below....

/ 21st November 2012

Django Unchaned fan made trailer by Corner Stone Cues

Quentin Tarantino’s first western will soon arrive in our cinemas. Here’s a 20 sec Trailer by Corner Stone Cues where they combined some footage with the music of the Scottish...

/ 19th September 2012

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth

Had one of these moments yesterday when I was watching Forrest Gump and this came across and it really stunned me. “For what it’s worth” is from 1967 and written...

/ 3rd September 2012

Johann-Sebastian Bach’s “Toccata” used in Aviator and Fantasia OST

This is a good one, taken from The Aviator and performed in this case by the “Radiosymphoniorchestra Frankfurt” from Germany. The arrangement for large orchestra was written in 1927 by Leopold Stokowski and it...

/ 29th August 2012