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Jeremiah Pena to release “A Cloudless Universe” in May

Pre-order Jeremiah Pena’s new album “A Cloudless Universe” today and get the first single “Pillars of Light” immediately. AND have a listen to “Pillars of Light” which will be available...

/ 23rd April 2015

Review of switch.’s epic fantasy trailer music album “Supernatural”

In the world of “Epic Trailer Music” writing, it has now become increasingly difficult to differentiate one’s sound from another through the regular use of ostinatos, big percussion hits and...

/ 7th August 2014

switch.’s disturbing trailer for modern horror album “Synthetica” has arrived

Yesterday new trailer music company switch. revealed their trailer for Synthetica, their second horror album after Dark Matter. Writing about Dark Matter Nick Murray told us back then that Synthetica would be an...

/ 10th July 2013

Behind the horror: Exclusive report about switch.’s “Dark Matter” by Adam Gubman

Trailer Music is made to let people act as if they were controlled by a higher power. This power can force them either to listen to a track, an album...

/ 15th June 2013
Dark matter live recording: Join the baby!

Dark Matter: Join the live recording of switch’s next album on April 15th!

Since we introduced you to switch. they have been really busy and will record their 4th album now already. Nick Murray is again responsible for almost everything around it. But before...

/ 11th April 2013

TrailerSound: Nick Murray gets you behind the epicness of Trailer Music

You won’t get any closer – unless you’re on stage! Since Nick Murray has left Non-Stop Music and audiomachine where he was not only responsible for composing but also for sound design, graphic design,...

/ 2nd April 2013

switch. releases promo trailer for “Drums vs. Robots”

Check out switch.‘s album promo trailer! I promise you: It’s not what you expected. And if that is not enough here are two other reasons: 1. It’s fun. 2. “No instruments...

/ 4th March 2013

Short interview with switch.’s concertmaster for “Vanguard”

Have a quick glance at switch.‘s orchestral recordings for their second album “Vanguard” and see how the magic happens 🙂 Listen to the album’s preview here:  

/ 30th January 2013

Introducing uplifting Epic Pop Rock Trailer Music company switch.

Time to introduce a new production company for Trailer Music! Composer Nick Murray (featured in trailers like “Looper”, “MIB 3”, Harry Potter and many more) and a bunch of other great artists...

/ 19th January 2013