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On A Different Note: Christian Henson about Spitfire Audio’s creative foundation

The huge number of high-quality virtual instruments on today’s market is a blessing and a curse. It has become fairly easy to create professional-sounding music, including large orchestral scores. However,...

/ 10th November 2016

Tips for trailer music and screen music composers from Jeff Broadbent

In our recent two articles we shone a spotlight on composer Jeff Broadbent’s score for Ubisoft Blue Byte’s RTS Champions of Anteria as well as his creative process behind ‘Time Stands Still‘,...

/ 17th October 2016

Jeff Broadbent about composing Trailer Music album ‘Time Stands Still’ (Position Music)

Recently Trailer Music publisher Position Music has released Jeff Broadbent’s album ‘Time Stands Still‘. With the album’s official concept of being “a bridge between the personal and sublime, the mystical and the epic”,...

/ 15th October 2016

Of Monsters and Earthquakes: Behind the sound effects libraries ‘Shakes and Rattles’ & ‘The Plunger’

It’s crazy what ordinary sounds we hear every day can be turned into. Take Zdravko Djordjevic’s Shakes and Rattles Earthquake sound effects library as an example: In the demos below you go from...

/ 24th September 2016

Behind the Cuts: The essential role of music and rhythm in trailers

I’ve been editing movie trailers for 11 years and for me music is the key component. Every editor is different, some start with dialogue, others like to throw down a...

/ 29th August 2016

The Foreigner: Behind the sound of a mesmerizing short documentary

I’m a big fan of good short films. Besides JR’s Ellis, Kheaven Lewandowski’s “Bat Boy” (I recently interviewed composer Jeremy Nathan Tisser) as well as T7 Production’s Darth Maul Fan...

/ 17th March 2016

PAN: Behind the music in the Adventure Trailer

I guess most of you have seen at least parts of the trailer campaign for PAN. Now that the new take on the classic Peter Pan Story will be out worldwide the...

/ 4th October 2015

A Decade of Epicness: Aleksandar Dimitrijevic about composing for trailers

Aleksandar Dimitrijevic. A name as difficult to pronounce as it is important to remember. Composer Aleksandar Dimitrijevic has been working in the trailer music industry for over ten years now...

/ 25th August 2015

Marcin Przybyłowicz about The Witcher’s soundtrack and its trailer music

Last year during the Film Music Festival in Krakow Arkady from TrailerMusic.info and I had the chance to sit down for a while with Marcin Przybyłowicz, Composer and Music Director for the...

/ 27th May 2015

Follow-up interview with Dual Motion Music after 2 years

Exactly to years back we interviewed Adam Brown, composer at Dual Motion Music, who had just teamed up with sound engineer Milan Adamik to enter the big stage. Back then their...

/ 18th December 2014

Inside Dos Brains’ “Northern Lights, Southern Darkness”

I was originally approached by Eirik from Castimoniae in July last year. He introduced himself and sent me some samples of his stuff, which I really liked. Over the following...

/ 30th November 2014

Review: Alexandre Guiraud’s hybrid trailer music album “Rise”

“Rise” by Alexandre Guiraud is touted as an epic and aggressive orchestral/rock hybrid album that is comprised of driving guitars, triumphant choral arrangements and “glitch” synth programming.  The album contains tracks...

/ 20th September 2014