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Jeff Broadbent about composing Trailer Music album ‘Time Stands Still’ (Position Music)

Recently Trailer Music publisher Position Music has released Jeff Broadbent’s album ‘Time Stands Still‘. With the album’s official concept of being “a bridge between the personal and sublime, the mystical and the epic”,...

/ 15th October 2016

First of its kind Online Course ‘The Aspiring Trailer Music Composer’ is out now

As award-winning trailer editor Paul Cartlich described extensively in his recent column, music and rhythm play an essential role in modern trailers. If you now happen to be amongst those composers...

/ 9th October 2016
glory oath and blood_deadtones_warner chappell

Out now: Glory Oath + Blood releases epic horror-suspense compilation ‘Deadtones’

Well in time for upcoming Halloween, Warner/Chappell Production Music’s trailer division Non-Stop Trailers debuted Glory Oath + Bloods’ hauntingly epic compilation of sound design tracks Deadtones (witty play of words when...

/ 8th October 2016

Out now: Revolt Production Music’s latest hybrid-orchestral album ‘Revolution’ composed by Francesco Siano

Revolt Production Music‘s latest release Revolution (RPM034) is now available on iTunes. Italian composer Francesco Siano‘s powerful album is officially described as “an epic and aggressive hybrid-orchestral album with glitchy industrial sound design,...

/ 27th September 2016

Trailer Music Placements August 2016 (incl. Arrival, Rogue One, Battlefield 1, Westworld, The Witcher and Allied)

Following our July placements recap, let’s have a look at what music was put to good usage in August’s trailers! ‘Arrival’ Trailer Music feat. Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Ninja Tracks, Johann Johannsson and David...

/ 26th September 2016

Out soon: Deryn and Dan Cullen to release epic music album ‘I am Cello’ through Imperativa Records

Immediate Music’s record label Imperativa Records is about to release the epic music album ‘I am Cello‘ next Friday on September 30th. Composed by Dan Cullen and mixed as well as co-produced by Immediate...

/ 24th September 2016

Of Monsters and Earthquakes: Behind the sound effects libraries ‘Shakes and Rattles’ & ‘The Plunger’

It’s crazy what ordinary sounds we hear every day can be turned into. Take Zdravko Djordjevic’s Shakes and Rattles Earthquake sound effects library as an example: In the demos below you go from...

/ 24th September 2016

New sample library: Strezov Sampling releases FREYJA Female Choir

After releasing the wonderful sample library WOTAN Male Choir, Strezov Sampling has now released the female counterpart in form of the new FRYJA Female Choir library; Graphic and GUI Deisgn by...

/ 16th September 2016

Out now: Brand X Music’s 15th Anniversary Album “Battle for Dawn”

15 years. That’s how long Brand X Music has already been providing trailer editors and music supervisors with the sound they need. Not many music production companies in the trailer industry have...

/ 13th September 2016

Behind the Cuts: The essential role of music and rhythm in trailers

I’ve been editing movie trailers for 11 years and for me music is the key component. Every editor is different, some start with dialogue, others like to throw down a...

/ 29th August 2016
Trailer Music Placements July 2016

Trailer Music Placements: July 2016 (incl. Dr. Strange, A Monster Calls, Suicide Squad, LEGO Batman Movie, xXx)

Following our June placements recap, let’s have a look at what music was put to good usage in July’s trailers! ‘Doctor Strange’ Trailer Music feat. Joe Bauer and 11:28 Benedict Cumberbatch...

/ 16th August 2016

Behind the Cuts: Q&A with movie trailer editor Patricio Hoter

In our new series of articles, we will shine the spotlight on masters of sleight of hand, men and women in the industry whose work is largely visual, but nevertheless...

/ 27th July 2016