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Multiple placements in new “Pixels” trailer

Another day, another ReallySlowMotion Music & Sound Design trailer placement. Or two, to be excact. This time featuring “Josh BRAAAWLin” by Attila Áts and “Parallel Fear” by Vivien Chebbah. Click...

/ 18th March 2015

Instrumental Core, Tenebris and Eject: News about ReallySlowMotion

Almost one year ago ReallySlowMotion (RSM) announced the release of their first album Cosmogeny for 2013.  Back then a totally new company for Music and Sound Design for Motion Picture, there couldn’t be...

/ 17th October 2013

Vivien Chebbah about “Imperia” (RSM pre-release) + cover release

This time we’d like to introduce you not only to the thoughts of another very talented composer but also to the final version of ReallySlowMotion‘s album cover! You can see...

/ 5th February 2013